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Monday, November 03, 2008

6 things about me

1. When I see people wearing the color green I want to thank them for supporting such a great color because it is my favorite. I never had a favorite color before until recently. I always refused to have a favorite because I wanted to give every color an equal chance before I officially picked one to love the most. So I thought about all the colors, for years I just kept looking around admiring all the colors that I ever saw, and I decided out of the whole bunch green makes me feel the happiest.

So when I see people wearing green, any shade of green, it's like a burst of joy just builds up in me and I almost get obviously excited. I mean even when I am in a gloomy mood when people wear green I notice and it perks me up at least a small bit.

It is the sensitive artist in me, I beleive.

2. Nothing can compare to the beach. Nothing soothes me like the wind by the ocean, and to look out on the water and at the sand and the sky. Something connects inside of me there. Something feels like home. And I never have a feeling, anywhere, of home. Never one that sticks. But at the beach there is something peaceful and simple and stable for me that I can really hold onto.

3. I keep at least five journals at one time constantly and rarely ever do I fill one up entirely before I decide it is dead and done and I move onto the next one. I am building quite a collection.

I'd like to really make a special journal someday, something really good. Something beautiful through and through. Something I put all of my heart into. I will make it look nice, and I will fill it with all of my favorite thoughts. It will be very cool.

4. I hate when I put all of my soul into some art and I share it with a person just to give them a bit of something interesting for their day and they say to me, "You sure do have a lot of time on your hands." Like I have wasted my time on it, I guess. Like that time could have been better spent some other way. But art is my one of my most excellent passions. And the thing is, when people say that, they act like it is not even the most insulting remark. They just do not understand.

Even if somebody makes some really shitty art there has got to be a part of it you can appreciate. If you can't see the value in it you should ask some questions and hunt for meaning. Then you would discover a spark of soul and you would be enlightened and it wouldn't all seem like a waste of time.

5. I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes if my underthings are colorful and cute, even though nobody can see them. I don't even care about my outfit if my underthings are cute enough. This kind of implies that I actually own cute underthings right now. Not so. But I will again one day.

6. I am collecting stars. Tiny trinkets shaped like stars. For luck.


Wendy Juniper said...

I like your list too. I totally know what you mean about no.4. People who aren't creative just don't get it. It makes me feel sad that there aren't more people (I meet) who do get it, but then that makes the ones who do feel even closer to me.

Strangely my favourite colour is green too, I think shades of green can look more different than shades of any other colour. Plus it suits my chocolate hair and eyes:) Green rocks. I have started liking hot pink recently too, and I never have before. It's just so yummy.

Desiree said...

Hot pink is probably like the yummiest color ever, actually. Also it is very happy and fun.

I often wonder what kind of art the non-creative people around me would make if they only had the passion to try learning how. I think it would be so interesting to see.

vinny said...

1- I have to admit I don't like green. Tho ironically, my car is green in color.

2- I love the beach too.

4- People should say nothing when they don't have anything nice to say.

5- That's cute.

dailydisastergirl said...

I love reading lists like this.

I especially like the journal one, I am exactly the same as you.


Bambola said...

I like point four. I have a friend that does this on a regular basis. Or, whenever I work up the courage to show her something. Which isn't often these days. I may just show her that point. Maybe then she will understand.

I don't have concurrent journals, but none of them are finished. Some weeks I'll write daily, then ignore it for a month or more :)

Thanks for putting some of my thoughts into words.

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