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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi-lights of Hanksgiving:

Sean's story of getting maced by an old lady

Free pearl bracelet--score!!!

torturing Heather in unmentionable ways

Rum and coke w/ LeeAnn: "You help me, and I'll help you, and together---we'll almost be one person."
"It's a figlent of yer immagration!"

Hi-lights of Saturday night:

/bumming money offa Bobby's dad: "Can I give you this fake money in exchange for some real money?" Handing him a wad of fake cash and a plastic gold coin. Getting 8 bucks out of it. (Yessss!!!)

My awesome pg-rated strip tease in which I humped a lot of people's faces, whipped Danielle with my belt, and managed to make pulling socks out of my bra and throwing them at people seem sexy.

realizing that Paco and Andrea are the perfect, most adorable couple ever.

Discovering the glory that is Ketel One vodka.

Hi-lights of Sunday:

Apparently Jennifer is "muffining out" of her skinny jeans? Anyway this means I get all her old cool pants. They make me feel HOTT!!!!

falling in love with Duffy McFluffy the pillow-pet dolphin
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