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Saturday, June 06, 2009


"But I want a nap!" I say begrudgingly but with a gentle loving tenderness to my voice, waving her off as I loaf in bed with a pillow over my face. She wants me to play around more. I'm like, "Can't you find a way to entertain yourself alone?" She tells me there is nothing to do but maybe eat some brownies or something. Which sounds kind of stupid to me and I get a little bit concerned. "This is not good!" I tell her. "If you can't find a way to fight boredom on your own, you just won't have as much fun in life."

She tries to get creative, decides to let me nap for a little bit and while I rest she makes up a scavenger hunt. So when I wake up she hands me a note with a hint on it about where the next note is, and I have to search all around the house for these silly notes, one after another, while she is at my side rooting me on. And finally I get to the last note, which will lead me to my prize, and I ask her what the prize is and she says, "ME!" and holds her arms out wide like she just has so much in the world to offer and I tackle her with a big hug. On the back of the last note it says, "Thanks for coming over". Which I find rather sweet.


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vinny said...

This is sweet.

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