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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

worst guessing game everrr

Bobby comes home and snuggles into bed with me with these guilty words, "I have to tell you something. I lied to you. It's horrible. You're going to dump me. You're never going to forgive me."

"You're not really allergic to pineapple?"

Awkward silence. And then, "No."

"You ARE going to become a child molester?"


"You stuck yer dick in some random chick and now yer worried you might be infested with something nasty?"

"NO, worse than that!"

"You think I'm ugly."

"No, you're beautiful."

"Come on, I'm pretty resilient, just tell me."

"I caaan't! It's really really bad."

"That's it, whatever, fine, don't tell me, I'm already mad at you anyway for being mean to me in my dream and telling me I'D MAKE A HORRIBLE BUSINESSWOMAN."

"That was just a dream!"

"I'm really mad at you right now, leave me alone."

"Okay okay I'll tell you."


"Remember your bedtime story? I lied. She doesn't get hit by a train in the end. She actually manages to burst through the sound barrier again and makes a shitload of money with her sister for discovering time travel. They become rich."

"Awwww! This is good. But yer still in touble for being an asshole in my dream."

"Oh my God."

best part of the bedtime story:

when she gets attacked by an angry mob and they break her wheelchair so she has to run away to save herself, and hides out in a dumpster. At which point I have to stop him and ask, "But Bobby, why would she be in a wheelchair if she could RUN AROUND?"

"BECAUSE SHE'S LAZY! Now are you telling this story, or am I?"

"Right, sorry, carry on."

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