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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


"Did you get my e-mail?" Heather asks rather urgently, looking over at me from the couch as I walk into the living room.


"My E-MAIL!!!"

"Oh, you mean that post-it note you stuck on the computer?? That is not an email, Heather. But yeah, I wrote you back and stuck it on yer mirror in yer room."

All it said wuz could I please stop with the incessant glitter wearing because the whole house had become hopelessly tainted with my damn sparkles. To which I replied, in our little e-mail, "Oh sure, anything for you Heather---NOT!!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!"

Because, well, I just can't stop. It's just such a cheerful thing to see random sparkles on everybody and everything, even the dogs. I know, I know, it's sick. But everybody admits on the sly that they like it. Except Heather. Deep down though, she's probably my biggest fan. Okay maybe not.

But I will never surrender!!!!!

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