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Thursday, October 27, 2016


The taste of his scorpion tongue in her mouth is like acid.
And nothing she could ever do would get her a room in his castle.
A place to call home.
Why would she want to live there in the dark and grime and cobwebs?
But she does. Badly.
She doesn't care about the monsters in his death trap labyrinth who occasionally escape and try to eat her. Or all the dirty rooms he hides.
Trespassing, she creeps through his castle halls when he's away. Collecting cobwebs like cotton candy, past the wall with the word "RUN!" written on it in blood.
Hunting for an unlocked door, maybe a secret entrance.
Searching for clues to uncover the truth. Who is he?

his scorpion tongue answers to nothing and spits only poison.
And yet she remains enchanted.

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